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Estbound Discoveries - Incomparable Luxury Travel Experiences

Established by a group of highly respected travel professionals who are driven by a passion to innovate, enhance and create deep rooted travel experiences, EB, is today one of the leading full service destination management companies in the sub-continent and the UAE.

We specialise in India, UAE, Nepal, Bhutan and Sri Lanka and are experienced in delivering high quality of service in the challenging environs of the Indian sub-continent. With affiliations across the globe and some of the best ground handling agencies as partners.

We are able to provide the benefits of a pool of resources that includes a globally tuned professional management, backed by a dedicated, proactive team, financial stability and buying power, the latest in technology - all geared towards delivering a highly value added experience.

With representative offices in the USA, UK, Italy, France, Russia, South America and Germany, EB has a well established global alliance with some of the finest travel companies across the globe.


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