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Golden Nile - Incentive Trips

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Golden Nile Travel is your specialized Destination Manager offering the best solutions to turn your ideas into creative events and trips, because the first secret for an effective result is to choose the right location. We will offer you the opportunity to bring your best team together in new exciting destinations to get the best out of the participants at very competitive rates and assuring them unforgettable souvenirs.
We plan and coordinate meetings; conventions; special events; tours; transportation; meet & greet; themed travel; entertainment; technical equipment and stage design and team building. By taking care of the smallest details (clients’ interests, age, birthday, etc) and focusing on personal service and integrity your prize winners and company best employees will strengthen their ties to the company and feel gratified for their hard and remarkable achievements.


30 years of experience, a multilingual team and an up-to-date data base that offers always the best solution and location in each destination of our portfolio. Each event is a great occasion to build a special moment, a unique design and a personal joyful experience.



Your success is granted by the trust we enjoy in each destination, our credibility in the sector and strategic partnership with hoteliers, transportation companies, big partners and suppliers. In particular we will offer you many important services: travel management; location research, accommodation management, guests assistance and customer care, catering and themed F&B breaks, transfers, entertainment, team buildings or in/outdoor activities and excursions, technical and audiovisual equipment.



One of the key of a successful event is the way you communicate it to those who attends it. We will help you with the right design and communication plan on-site to fix your brand and logo indelibly in the minds of the participants. We take care of the printing logo on stationary, invitations, travel programs as well as the creation of a specific logo for the event, printing of posters, fliers and brochures and much more. We can design your own stage and location in or out-door. As well as virtual supports with a Event Website







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